Comments and letters from a few of our customers...

We are taking the opportunity to recognize and express appreciation for the excellent support provided by your onsite team during the recent paper crisis. Each exceeded our expectations and made vital contributions that minimized the impact to our print operation. Their dedication and conscientious efforts are recognized and appreciated.

We value their support and want you to be aware of their numerous and vital contributions during this period. We also want to recognize and thank your administrative staff for their professional services and support.
Ron - Supervisor - "Major Data Center for National Company"

When I was reviewing our two "off site" warehousing operations (one site staffed with our own employees, and one operated by C&O Warehousing) for our company president my comment was:
"Why are we doing this ourselves, when I have an emergency need it takes our warehouse staff a day to get it to me, and when I call C&O Warehousing I have it in an hour."
Pam - Production/Inventory Manager - "Worldwide Textiles Manufacturer"

A year after transferring our business to C&O Warehousing from our previous provider I am calling to say “thank-you and well done” to you and your staff. Your staff has provided excellent service, taken care of our emergencies, and our customers have noticed!

C&O has taken care of our inventory and customers the way we do. After years of problems with our previous provider, I am delighted to say that C&O Warehousing has changed things around for us. Our inventory is accurate, product is rotated, and our shipping and receiving information is provided to us in a timely fashion.
Jane - VP - "National Medical Supplies Company"

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the hard work and wonderful attitude of your employees. Due to the nature of our business, there are times when we have emergencies and need immediate assistance. They are always available to meet our demands with a smile. I know this can be difficult, but they are always positive, upbeat and willing to help.

Thank you for all the help you and your staff provide the Durham Operation Center. Our obligations would not be met without the commitment and drive of your staff
Robert - Supervisor - "Major Telecom Print Center"